Mage Attack Defense

MageMatk 3

Major Stats (Growth Rate)

Max P-def


Min M-atk


Max M-atk


Minor Stats (Growth Rate)

Max Hp


Max M-def


Min P-atk


Initial stats

Max Hp


Min P-atk


Max P-atk


Max P-def


Max M-def


Starting Eudemon for Mage characters, rarity is 0 (so it can be any star mark), Main attributes are Matk, Def, Sub attributes are Hp, Mdef, Patk.[1]


Every Eudemon has three evolutions, the first evolution being the one they start as. The second evolution a eudemon can attain at level 20 and can be evolved at any time by clicking on the 'Evolve' button underneath a Eudemons portrait in the Eudemon bag (only visable after level 20). For a Eudemon's 3rd evolution, the Eudemon must reach level 40 and be taken to the Evolution oven in the market (326, 447), beside Lady Vivian. Evolving a eudemon throught the Evolution oven costs nothing.

Evolutions, in terms of stats give no benefit to the Eudemon; however, evolving a eudemon before composing is vitally important because eudemons have a chance to gain, open gift slots, a random gift, and race change to Thunder. Gifts provide various benefits such as useful spells, or BP increase. Thunder race is very helpful and important in later star levels, basically a Thunder race eudemon no ne weaknesses to other elements and also when a race is required for composing (high star mark), any race can be used.[2]

  • MageAtkDef 1st evolution
  • MageAtkDef 2nd evolution
  • MageAtkDef - 3rd Evolution


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